This combination laptop lock has the strongest cable on the market. Upgraded security for laptops with combination configuration.

High quality lock, thicker cable, more aesthetics. ProLine level.

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Helps prevent theft of laptop and desktop computers

The LaptopSaver Classic allows you to secure any device equipped with an on-board Kensington security slot in just seconds; e.g. notebooks, video projectors, displays and most desktop computers.


The 2 m long security cable features a handy loop which makes installation as easy as attaching a bicycle lock.


No keys are required; you engage SecuPlus laptop locks by simply clicking & closing. While travelling, during the day at school, or when in the office; a laptop should never be left lying around. Opportunity makes the thief!


Available with a masterkey

As standard, LaptopSaver Classic kits come with different keys. If you want to secure a large number of laptops, you may decide to opt for the convenience of a master key system (note: minimum order quantity of 25 units). Although the price is slightly higher than for a standard lock, you can always open all the locks in your possession (even when somebody loses the keys to one of the locks).


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