Mouse Puncher is the embodiment of the latest technologies in the field of game mouse development and cursor movement. The unique and eye-catching perforations of the cover reduce the weight of the mouse and at the same time reduce sweating and bring comfort to the hands and body. Teflon legs improve glide and the ultra-light braided cable reduces mouse deceleration. The main advantages of the Puncher mouse are: the Pixart 3360 professional optical sensor with a resolution range from 1,000 to 12,000 DPI, 7 robust programmable buttons, optional software for setting parameters and macros, and a wide range of options for adapting the mouse to individual requirements. The shape of the mouse is ideal for right-handers. RGB backlight with 10 light effects will enhance your gaming experience. A toy that pays to add to your gaming arsenal!

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Perforated mouse cover
Reduced mouse weight for minimum arm muscle fatigue
Mouse weight: 65g
Maximum acceleration: 50G
Professional sensor: Pixart 3360
Mouse leg material: Teflon
Resolution: 10.00 to 12,000 DPI
Number of programmable buttons: 7
Backlight: RGB
Number of light effects: 10
USB cable: low weight, braided with ferrite shield
Cable length: 1.65m
Frequency response: 125/250/500/1000 Hz
Software for special
settings Macro setting possible


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