Microsoft Tests a New Windows 11 Reinstall Method via Windows Update Purported to be Faster Than “in-place upgrade” Option

A new Windows feature is expected in the moment 5 update, scheduled Feb 2024

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft will soon be introducing a new built-in recovery system that allows users to recover Windows 11 installations via Windows update. Reportedly, it will do so without losing files and is faster than the current in-place upgrade option. The new feature may be called “Fix Problems using Windows Update”.  As with all reports prior to release, this information may change before the feature is officially released.

The feature has been spotted in the Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25905, found under “Settings>System>Recovery”, eligible insider channels such as the Canary Channel can use the BETA version to attempt to repair their Windows installation. Microsoft mentioned this feature 6 months ago in their blog. Seeing this option in Windows Insider Build shows it is close to release.

Until this update, the only simple way to reinstall or recover windows 11 while keeping files was by using the “in-place-upgrade” option in Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool. Although this method does work, it is a time-consuming process. Microsoft reports that this new tool will make the process quicker and can be useful in many instances.

It remains to be seen just how much faster this method will be, despite that, it is good to see Microsoft continuing to improve Windows Recovery options.

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