BenQ Unleashes its First 540Hz TN Monitor, Only a Month After Asus’s 540Hz Model

BenQ Aim to supply the latest and greatest to the esports scene with their Zowie LX2586X Monitor

Credit: BenQ

Recently, BenQ announced one of its two latest Zowie gaming monitors, which are entering the realm of 500+ Hz. As expected, the Zowie LX2586X is positioned to be a high-end TN panel from one of the biggest monitor manufacturers in esports. These monitors employ DyAc2, which is a proprietary technology developed by BenQ that improves motion fidelity and reduces motion blur. BenQ are using this new technology in their Zowie LX monitors. BenQ is tightlipped about how it works, although it seems to have something to do with a dual backlight.

It remains to be seen why BenQ chose to use a TN panel as opposed to IPS, Dell’s Alienware monitors are achieving above 360Hz on IPS panels. While Samsung can boost their panels to 360HZ on OLED panels. TN is a faster display technology – so in some cases, if you are only looking for esport-centric performance, TN would be the way to go. BenQ are marketing this new monitor purely for esports. For more information on different panel types and their benefits, have a look at our previous post going through the differences.

The Asus ROG PG248QP, announced just a month ago, has a very similar 540Hz TN panel. That could mean the underlying panels are the same in the BenQ version, although this could also be a coincidence.
Even if these monitors share the same panel, BenQ is known for implementing features such as DyAc to their monitors. So, even if the same panel is used in the displays, there should be differences in performance – possibly giving BenQ the advantage.

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