AMD Reportedly Orders 4nm CPUs Through Samsung to Diversify Production

AMD’s Prometheus 4nm chips to be made by both TSMC and Samsung.

Samsung Foundry landed an order from AMD to produce processors based on AMD’s ZEN 5c architecture using Samsung’s 4nm process, cited in a report from a South Korea-based company. If that information is accurate – this would mean a major shift in AMD’s manufacturing strategy, as it would mean splitting production of CPUs between TSMC and Samsung Foundry.

The report claims that AMD is set to produce their up-and-coming Zen 5c “Prometheus” chips at two contract semiconductor chip makers: Samsung Foundry and TSMC. In the past AMD has almost exclusively used TSMC for their chip manufacture.  Samsung reported to be taking production of the lower end chips in the Zen 5c line-up whereas TSMC is expected to handle the more “advanced” manufacturing on their 3nm process.

Take the information of Prometheus being manufactured on both a 3nm and 4nm process with a grain of salt as generally companies assign different code names for processors made with different manufacturing processes.

This move by AMD, if it is happening, may be seen as an effort on AMD’s part to reduce the risks associated with relying on a single supplier. If the collaboration happens, it will diversify AMD’s chip production and will strengthen Samsung Foundry’s position in the advanced chip making business. Currently only TSMC produces advanced CPUs for AMD and Intel.

Although it is unclear if Samsung has landed a major order from AMD, there is clearly chatter in the industry that this partnership could lead to more opportunities for Samsung. If Samsung Foundry does well with Zen 5c based chips – it may lead to more opportunities for Samsung in the chip making industry. Perhaps even on Samsung’s 3nm process.

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