Intels Latest Arc GPU Driver Update Increases Performace Up To 119%

Intel has been steadily releasing driver updates for their Arc GPUs, today we will be taking a look at what performance gains they have achieved this time.

Intel has recently released another major driver update for its Arc-series GPUs. This update adds additional performance enhancements for 20 DX 12 and DX 11 titles. While some performance improvements are minor, many titles have received huge performance uplifts. Deus Ex: Human Revolution gained an impressive 119% performance increase.

The average performance uplift among the 20 titles is 29%, with a game specifc improvements ranging from 5% to 119%. This is more substantial than Intel’s last major update, showing they are getting better at optimising Arc for DX 12 and DX 11 titles. The last major update garnered a less impressive average across 11 titles of 19% with performance improvements ranging from 5% to 33%.

Many argue that the performance gains are mostly in older titles and are therefore less important. Bearing in mind that no one expected Intel to bother with older titles in the beginning, and that Arc GPUs perform decently in modern titles. For the price point Arc cards are competitive enough to be worth it.

It is also apparent that there is more room for these cards to grow in terms of their performance. Since launch, Arc GPUs have had their performance increased by over 77% with only driver updates. With constant updates rolling out, it remains to be seen if they will ever catch up to the likes of AMD and Nvidia. So long as the price is right and the updates keep coming, Arc may become more mainstream in the next few years.

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