Intel Launches Core i7-13790F and Core i5-13490F Raptor Lake Processors

Intel has launched their latest two F-series chips the Core i7-13790F and Core i5-13490F. F series chips are processors without integrated graphics, meaning you’ll need to pair them with a graphics card to get a display output. These new processors may be exclusive to the Chinese market and may end up being the current best CPU for gaming.

The new Core i7-13790F has a similar feature set as the Core i7-13700F. The i7-13790F is a 16-core processor with 24-threads and touts 8 performance cores or, as Intel calls them, P-cores and eight E-cores or efficiency cores. Between the two Core-i7 processors, clock speeds on the P-cores are identical, operating at 2.1Ghz base clock and 5.2Ghz boost clock. The newer Core i7-3790F has a 100Mhz higher base clock on its efficiency cores compared to the Core i7-13700F.

Aside from slightly bumped clock speeds, the Core i7-13790F also has a larger L3 cache, now standing at 33mb, which is a 10% increase from the Core i7-13700F.

In terms of power consumption, the Core i7-13790F has the same 65W PBP (Processor Base Power) as the Core i7-13700F. Intel’s 65W SKUs don’t support overclocking, but motherboard vendors have found ways around that. As F series processors don’t have integrated graphics, the Core i7-13790F will need to be paired with the top end GPU’s (graphics cards) on the market to achieve the full potential of such a fast chip. These processors will fit in the LGA 1700 socket but, may require a bios reflash to operate.

The Core i5-13490F, which replaces the Core i5-12490F, has a total of 10-cores and 16-threads made up of 6 P-cores and 4 E-cores. Base clocks for this processor on the P-cores is 2.5Ghz and 1.8Ghz on the E-cores. The newer gen Core i5 has 4Mb more L3 cache than its predecessor coming to a 20% increase in size. Despite having higher clock speeds and more L3 cache, the power consumption of the 13th gen chip remains unchanged from its 12th gen counterpart.

Early results show that the new Core i7-13790F and Core i5-13490F could offer over 10% higher performance than their existing counterparts. Bear in mind this is a preliminary result and should be treated as such – an early datapoint. It remains to be seen if these processors are worth the premium.

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