Nvidia Releases Fix For Performance Issues Caused By Discord

If you use Discord on a regular basis, the odds are you’re also a gamer. If you also happen to use a Nvidia graphics card, you may be losing performance without even knowing it.

One of the latest updates to Discord pushed through its own application updates has resulted in a throttled memory clock on Nvidia graphics cards. This means that while running Discord, some Nvidia GPUs are unable to hit their rated memory clock speeds; this results in performance loss. Not a great situation for an app which is mostly used while running games and chatting to friends – especially when gamers want their graphics cards to be used to their maximum potential.

Unfortunately the chipmaker doesn’t specify which models are impacted by this recent update to discord. Thus, it is fair to assume that any card could be affected. Nvidia didn’t share exactly how this issue was caused or how discord disrupts the memory on their graphics cards. However, Discord did recently enable AV1 support for Nvidia’s latest RTX 40-series graphics cards. So, it’s not far fetched to think that may have had something to do with the AV1 encoding support for video streaming this support has added.

Nvidia stated it would push a fix for PC users with an update, and has stated through Customer Care that it has started deploying an updated application profile for Discord to fix the memory speed bug. This isn’t a Windows, Nvidia driver or Discord update. Instead, it’s a new application profile for the Nvidia display drivers to fix the memory speed bug, which can be sent over-the-air. So Nvidia card owners don’t have to worry about anything other than just restarting their systems for the new profile to take effect.

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