New Memory Standard for laptops? Introducing CAMM.

After 25 years of the SODIMM standard, Dell’s new Compression Attached Memory Module (CAMM) is intended to become the new Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC) standard.

Image: Dell

As early as 2024 is the reported to be the release date for the first laptops shipping with CAMM. While laptops with CAMM memory modules are currently available with select Dell Precision workstation laptops, these modules are Dell’s exclusive spec for CAMM. The specifications for CAMM are currently being ratified for widespread industry use by the memory standards body JEDEC with the final spec being due later this year and with retail laptops with the final spec set to hit the shelves in 2024. It is important to note that the CAMM standard being ratified is not propriety.

While SODIMM’s (Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module’s) have been the industry standard for 25 years, there are disadvantages when compared to the new CAMM standard. SODIMM modules when stacked in dual channel are 52% thicker than CAMM modules, this means that with CAMM manufactures will be able to design even thinner laptops. Another benefit of CAMM modules over SODIMM is that CAMM, in a single module, will be able to run in dual channel mode; this will hopefully prevent manufactures from sacrificing performance by shipping laptops with a single SODIMM module, which runs in single channel mode. Generally, one can expect a 4-5% improvement in performance by going from single channel to dual channel memory.

A final benefit of CAMM over SODIMM is memory speeds. Currently SODIMM maxes out at DDR5-6400Mhz, this is where CAMM will start off, with speeds only increasing from there.

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