Windows 11 Update Adds Tabs To File Explorer

The latest Windows 11 update has brought a much anticipated feature, a tabbed file explorer.

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Last month when the Windows 11 22H2 update was released, bringing several new features with it, one anticipated feature was not released and Microsoft promised to release the Tabbed File Explorer in October. Earlier this week, the Windows 11 KB5019509preview cumulative update was released, bringing with it features that were not released when 22H2 was released.

Windows 11 KB5019509 preview update

Microsoft stated that they would roll out the new features to users that installed this preview update, and that it could take some time before all Windows 11 devices have these features enabled. In an announcement on the new features, Microsoft said that “These new features and experiences will start to become available today in an optional non-security preview release and a phased rollout via our servicing technology and new apps via Microsoft Store updates, ensuring you can take advantage of the latest Windows experiences as these new features are ready.”

As mentioned above, one of the most anticipated features is the new tabbed File Explorer feature, which allows you to have different folder tabs open, similar to tabs in a web browser.

Windows 11 tabbed File Explorer

Along with the tabbed File Explorer, Microsoft has introduced the new Suggested Actions feature, allowing you to select text in any of your applications and have Windows prompt you to perform an associated action.

Suggested Actions prompting you to create an event

And last but not least, the option to launch Task Manager by right clicking your task bar has returned, a feature that was removed with the release of Windows 11. As it stands, these features are rolling out incrementally, and are unfortunately not all available to everyone yet. For those that do not have these features yet, you will have to be patient as Microsoft rolls them out over the next few days.

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