Acer Unveils Predator BiFrost Intel Arc A770 GPU

Acer has just announced one of their upcoming Intel GPU, the Predator BiFrost.

Earlier this week, Intel announced the pricing and availability of their new upcoming Arc A770 graphics cards and now GPU manufacturers can start to reveal details of their new Arc cards. Acer haven’t given us much as far as details on the card goes, even the amount of memory is unknown so far. When asked about it, Acer said that their fans should “keep an eye on our pages for all the latest news and updates.”

The release date and price are unknown, but the expected release date is sometime in October, as Intel stated that the Arc A770 and A750 will be available from the 12th of October. As stated by Intel, the A770 will have 8GB of graphics memory and will start at $329.00 USD. There will also be a limited edition version of the A770 for $349.00 USD with 16GB of memory.

The Arc A770 is meant to be able to compete with Nvidia and AMD cards within the same price range, and is expected to be on par with the RTX 3060 and will feature ray tracing.



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