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Load Shedding And Battery Backups

Load shedding is back with a vengeance, with jumps up to stage 6 with 4 hours of darkness in a day, what is the best solution to your power woes?

Op-ed: Is load shedding in South Africa here to stay?

Living in South Africa brings many challenges, one of which is the frequent power drops to either load shedding or power failures. Not only can it be frustrating to sit in the dark with nothing to do for hours on end, but the constant power drops can also wreak havoc on your electrical appliances. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate the boredom and damage. This post will describe the different types of battery backup and what they offer so you can decide what would be best suited for your needs in these dark times.


The most powerful option for battery backup is an inverter, which is a fairly large box that contains beefy AGM deep cycle batteries. Ranging from 100Ah (amp hours) and up, these batteries can keep your appliances going for hours depending on the load. You can use a load calculator to figure out how long an inverter will keep your devices powered. Aside from the battery capacity, both inverters and UPS’s are measured in VA ratings, the higher the number the bigger the maximum output is. The following inverters can be purchased from Computer World while stocks last:

Inverter Batteries Cost
Linkqnet G3 1000VA Inverter 1x 100Ah Deep cycle AGM R6499.00
Linkqnet G3 2000VA Inverter 2x 100Ah Deep cycle AGM R10299.00

UPS (Uninterupted Power Supply)

The most commonly used device for load shedding is a UPS, these are designed to give you enough time to safely shut down your devices and save your work, and they also provide surge protection to prevent your appliances from burning out. A common misconception is that a UPS can keep a computer running for hours, which is not what they are designed to do. This table shows the UPS’s we commonly keep in stock, as well as their average runtime for a standard 300W desktop tower:

UPS Batteries Price Approximate run time
Mecer 650VA 1x 7Ah AGM R849.00 5-10 Minutes
Mecer 850VA 1x 9Ah AGM R949.00 10-15 Minutes
Mecer 1000VA 2x 7Ah AGM R1599.00 20-30 Minutes
Mecer 2000VA 2x 9AH AGM R2199.00 30-40 Minutes

Mecer Me-850-VU Line-Interactive UPS (New) | Refurbished Laptops &  Computers | C2Kit


The mini DC UPS is a very affordable answer to losing your WiFi during power outages. They contain lithium batteries and can run up to 4 devices, yet it must be noted that they generally only come with two cables to run from the UPS to your router. This solution is perfect for running both your fibre box and your WiFi router if you use fibre optic internet. The base model can keep two routers running for up to 6 hours! Simple and easy to setup, they are a must have in times like these. It is important to note that if you have ADSL, this might not work since your line connects to an exchange, and if that has no power then you won’t have any internet connection.

DC UPS Batteries Price Approximate run time
Gizzu GU30W 2200mAh x 4 (Lithium-ion) R999.00
  • ONU(3W): 10.6 hrs
  • Router (10W): 3 hrs
  • CCTV Camera (10W): 3 hrs


Gizzu GUP60W 2200mAh x8 (Lithium-Ion) R1399.00
  • ONU(3W): 21.6hrs
  • Router(10W): 6.5hrs
  • CCTV Cameras (10W): 6.5hrs
  • VoIP Phone(7W): 9.3hrs


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