37GB of Microsoft Source Code Leaked

Hacker group Lapsus$ claim to have leaked Microsoft’s source code for Bing, Cortana and other stolen projects from Microsoft’s internal Azure DevOps server.

On Sunday, well known hacker organisation, Lapsus$, posted a screenshot on their Telegram showing that they had hacked Microsoft’s Azure DevOps server, giving them access to the source code for Bing, Cortana as well as Microsoft’s other internal projects.

Screenshot of Microsoft's Azure DevOps account leaked by Lapsus$


Then the following day, they posted a torrent file for a 9GB zip archive which contains the source code of more than 250 projects that Lapsus$ claims belong to Microsoft. When posting this, they said that t contained 90% of Bing’s source code and about 45% of the source code of Bing Maps and Cortana. While Lapsus$ stated that the leak is only part of the source code, it has revealed that the uncompressed archive contains 37GB of source code that supposedly belongs to Microsoft.

Leaked source code projects

After research into the leaked files, it does appear that they do contain ligitimate source code from Microsoft. As well as this, there are emails and documentation that were shown to have been used internally by Microsoft engineers for the publishing of mobile apps.

The projects seem to be limited to web-based infrastructure, mobile apps or websites, with no source code for any desktop hardware such as Windows, Windows Server and Microsoft Office. Microsoft is aware of these claims and are investigating the issue.

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