Nvidia Releases DLDSR, Improves Fidelity Without Impacting Performance

DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution), an AI-driven feature that will enhance the fidelity of your games without harming their performance.

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On January 14th, along with the launch of God of War on PC, Nvidia released their new downscalling technology DLDSR. Unlike DLSS, DLDSR is an AI powered downscalling technology that adds more detail and fidelity to your games at a resolution where these details usually wouldn’t exist. Nvidia describes it as “DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) renders a game at higher, more detailed resolution before intelligently shrinking the result back down to the resolution of your monitor. This downsampling method improves image quality by enhancing detail, smoothing edges, and reducing shimmering.

How To Get DLDSR

The great thing about it, is that as long as you have an Nvidia RTX series graphics card, all you have to do is download the latest January driver and then you’re good to go. No need to turn it on anywhere or activate it in games, since it isn’t a game specific feature.

NVIDIA DLSS vs. DSR vs. DLDSR | Windows Central

DSR is a technology that already existed on Nvidia cards which allowed downsampling on a driver level, but DLDSR makes use of the Tensor cores on RTX cards to provide fidelity enhancements with little to no drop in framerate. The way it works is by rendering the image at a higher resolution of 2880×1620 and then downscales that image to 1080p, if using a FHD display. As DLDSR is AI powered, it doesn’t need as many input pixels to provide a better final image as DSR would need.

The final result of using DLDSR is a smoother and more defined image with the same framerate that one would get without it.


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