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New Windows 11 Focus Sessions

Windows 11 Introduces Focus Sessions Feature To Help Boost Productivity

Windows 11 Focus sessions feature

In the new Covid induced home work environment, more and more people are finding themselves working from home, and sometimes finding motivation to get work done with so many distractions can be difficult. Thats where the new Focus Sessions from Windows 11 comes in!

This feature will be a part of the ‘Alarms & Clock’ app from the Windows Store. The way the Focus Sessions work is by using a timer to divide your work day into into predetermined ‘focus’ intervals with short breaks in between to help you prepare for the next task, or grab that much needed cup of coffee!

As far as use goes, its fairly simple to use, just set the amount of time that you want to focus on a task with the option to select a task from the Microsoft To Do List or even listen to recommended Spotify playlists. The amount of 5 minute breaks depend on how many Focus Session minutes you chose, according to the following table:

Focus session minutes Number of breaks
15 0
30 0
45 1
60 1
75 2
90 2
105 3
120 3
135 4
150 5
165 5
180 6
195 6
210 7
225 8
240 8

You can adjust the feature to your own needs by changing the lengths of the focus periods or the length of the breaks, helping you to maximise productivity.

Clock app settings screen

Since each person’s work requirements are different and vary from one another, this feature allows you set daily goals for the length of time you need to focus on certain tasks. The use of goals is intended to motivate the user to use the feature and complete each focus session.

Adjusting daily goals

The Focus Sessions integrated Spotify allows you to either choose your own playlist to listen to, or suggest a playlist to promote concentration and focus.

When you have everything set up and ready to go, simply click on the start button and the app will display a timer in the Focus Session screen to indicate when you are meant to focus on each task. Once the timer is up, the focus session will play an alert sound to let you know that your time is up, and a small notification will accompany it.

Alert when a Focus session is completed

You can then either take your break, or start another session if you still need more time to complete your task.

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