Nvidia’s Kitchen Keynotes Almost Entirely Fake

Nvidia announced that that CEO Jensen’s kitchen was rendered using Nvidia Omniverse.

After the outbreak of Covid 19, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang tasked Nvidia with finding a way to make their keynotes stand out. What they came up with was the Jensen’s Kitchen presentation segments of the keynotes in 2020 and 2021, that they have recently announced were almost completely fake, from the kitchen to Jensen himself. The virtual presentation was created using Nvidia Omniverse, a new tool for creating 3D workspaces.

Most of the viewers didn’t realise that what they were watching was all rendered footage. A recently released video from Nvidia explaining how Omniverse works revealed the secret behind Jensen’s kitchen.

Nvidia stated how they wanted to create a space that tech enthusiasts had developed an attachment to. “Jensen’s Kitchen” was something that PC hardware fans would be accustomed to in their new pandemic life.

“To create a virtual Jensen, teams did a full face and body scan to create a 3D model, then trained an AI to mimic his gestures and expressions and applied some AI magic to make his clone realistic.

“Digital Jensen was then brought into a replica of his kitchen that was deconstructed to reveal the holodeck within Omniverse, surprising the audience and making them question how much of the keynote was real, or rendered,” said Nvidia.

You can watch the keynote here, and try see if you can spot whats real and whats not.

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