Nvidia Announces 3070 Ti & 3080 Ti

Amidst a global graphics card shortage, the last thing you would expect is for new GPUs to be announced, but nobody told that to Nvidia. On Tuesday this week during their Computex 2021 presentation, they announced their latest addition to the 2nd generation RTX graphics cards, the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti.

And now the RTX 3080 Ti 12Gb - HardwareHeaven.com

Nvidia describes the RTX 3080 Ti as their new gaming flagship card. The card released for $1,199 USD, the same price as the RTX 2080 Ti when that released in September 2018. This price comes in 300 USD lower than the RTX 3090. As for the specs, the card is very close to the RTX 3090 with the exception of having half the VRAM.

NVIDIA RTX 3080 TI VS. RTX 3080, RTX 3090

Spec RTX 3090 RTX 3080 Ti RTX 3080
CUDA cores 10,496 10,240 8,704
Video memory 24 GB GDDR6X 12 GB GDDR6X 10 GB GDDR6X
Memory bus 384-bit 384-bit 320-bit
Memory bandwidth 936 GB/s 912 GB/s 760 GB/s
TDP 350 W 350 W 320 W

Nvidia benchmarks tell us that the RTX 3080 Ti will offer a 50% performance improvement over the RTX 2080 Ti in 4K resolution.

The 3070 Ti will be the upgrade to the most popular 30 series card, the RTX 3070. It will deliver 50% higher performance than the 2070 super, with only 8GB of VRAM. It does however run on GDDR6X memory which is faster than the GDDR6 memory the 3070 runs on.

Nvidia will also be continuing their efforts to make their graphics cards less sought after by crypto miners by cutting the Ethereum mining rate of the new cards in half. While mining isn’t the the only reason there is a worldwide shortage on GPUs, Nvidia intends for their cards to be used by gamers.

Nvidia also announced that there are more games that will be getting DLSS support. Deep Learning Super Sampling is Nvidia’s technology that upscales images and improves framerates, especially in games above 1080p. The titles that can expect to have DLSS and ray tracing soon are Doom Eternal, Icarus AND Lego Builder’s Journey. Red Dead Redemption 2 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will only be getting DLSS.

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