Nvidia To End Support For Older Cards

Say Goodbye To The GTX 600 & GTX 700 Series

A recent look at Nvidia’s data center CUDA documentation shows that the next graphics drivers for the GTX 600 and GTZ 700 series cards, the R470 drivers, will be the last driver update they’ll receive.

This will only be affecting the cards that were built using Nvidia’s Kepler architecture. The Maxwell and Pascal cards won’t be affected by this, such as the GTX 750 and GTX 750 Ti, which are made on the Maxwell architecture.

NVIDIA GeForce 600 Specifications, GeForce GTX680 Benchmark Leaks Out |  VideoCardz.com

Spec sheet from the days when the 600 series was on top

How Will Gamers Be Affected?

This end of support is a sign to any gamers with older PCs that are still using the GTX 600 or 700 series card to start looking at an upgrade. Every new driver branch is usually available for a few months, and the upcoming R470 drivers are doing to be the last drivers with support for the Kepler GTX 600 & 700 series. This doesn’t mean that your cards will stop working, it just means that you will no longer be able to get new improvements to the cards. This means your card won’t have the optimizations for new games that come out.

Nvidia does still plan to release any urgent fixes should any vulnerabilities be discovered in the future. However, when 2025 arrives Nvidia will stop any security fixes for these cards.

If you are using the above mentioned cards and are looking for an upgrade, consider shopping for something a bit more recent to breath some new life into your gaming build. Visit one of our stores or contact us and we can help you find the ideal card for your budget and needs!

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