Windows 10 To Change File Explorer Icons

If there is one thing that Microsoft is good at when it comes to Windows 10, its changing things that nobody asked for or wanted. The latest addition to this is the upcoming reworked icons in the Windows 10 file explorer. Over the years since Windows XP, the icons have undergone slight changes in appearance as newer versions of Windows came out, but they mostly kept the same style. From Windows 7 to 10, there was a minimal change in the appearance of the file explorer icons, and in Microsoft’s never ending quest to make Windows 10 look more modern and relevant they have now decided that the icons need to change.

Current Windows 10 Icons


New Windows 10 Icons


Microsoft’s Windows insider chief says that “Several changes, such as the orientation of the folder icons and the default file type icons, have been made for greater consistency across Microsoft products that show files.” Part of their reasoning for the changing of icons is to make them more easily distinguished from each other, going away from having multiple yellow coloured folders.

Microsoft plans to implement an overhaul of the Windows 10 appearance, aiming to give it a rejuvenated feel, code named ‘Sun valley’. More information on that will be released in the upcoming months. Their latest preview build has introduced some small changes, renaming ‘Windows Administrative Tools’ folder in Start to ‘Windows Tools’.

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