AMD To Add Smart Access Memory To 3000 Series CPUs

Last year AMD announced their all new powerful 5000 series CPUs, with some interesting new features including Smart Access Memory. This allows the CPU to access more than 256MB of GPU memory, this can improve game performance on the 5000 series Ryzen processors by up to 7% on 1080p, 1440p and 4k. Nvidia has even said that the Ampere graphics cards can benefit by up to 10% with this feature.

This was initially only going to be available on the 5000 series CPUs and was only possible on a 500 series motherboard such as the B550 or X570 boards. However, AMD has now announced that this feature is coming to the 3000 series CPUs as well, and will still require a 500 series motherboard.

This will still need an RDNA2 or Nvidia Ampere graphics card to be achieved, and in Nvidia’s case a BIOS update as well. This move by AMD as a great idea and has been welcomed by the community, as there has been somewhat of a supply shortage on the 5000 series CPUs. This will allow those that haven’t been able to get their hands on a 5000 series CPU to still get a small upgrade while they wait until they can get a new CPU.

SAM is another feature in the ever increasing list of new ways that companies are looking to improve gaming performance. Nvidia’s DLSS adds major improvements, with DLSS 2.0 showing an improvement on 1.0, and AMD set to be adding DLSS to their next graphics card series. In the coming years we can look forward to more exciting features being brought out that can continue to improve the gaming experience.

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