New Way to Upgrade Windows 10 Coming Soon

By now we are all used to Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to keep Windows 10 fresh and up to date. Their latest plan is to introduce Windows feature experience packs, which aims to increase the amount of new features added in a year.

At the start of the week, the Windows Insider beta program got to experience a first look at a Windows Feature Experience Pack. Senior program manager, Brandon LeBlanc, said that “By testing this process first with Windows Insiders, we hope to expand the scope and the frequency of releases in the future.” and their goal is that “Eventually, Windows Feature Experience Pack updates will get folded into the already existing servicing process for Windows 10 and delivered to customers that way through Windows Update.”

The goal of these experience packs is to add “features and experiences” in a separate method to the two year cycle of Windows 10 upgrades. The first feature that was added to the Windows Insider program added a couple of minor updates to existing features.

  • Based on Insider feedback, you can now use the built-in screen snipping experience in Windows (WIN + SHIFT + S) to create a snip of your screen and paste it directly into a folder of your choice in File Explorer to save the screenshot there. Try it out!
  • Using the touch keyboard in a portrait posture on a 2-in-1 touch device now supports split keyboard mode.

Insiders will be able to access Windows Feature Experience Pack updates through Windows update just like any other build update.

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