How much RAM do you really need in 2020?

When considering getting a new computer – or even upgrading your current one – be it a laptop or desktop, the amount of RAM the computer has is always an important factor. What is RAM? Random-access memory, or RAM, is the hardware that your computer uses to store short term data that is in frequent […]

New Discord malware threatens password security.

Popular chat app, Discord, recently became a target of a common and recently updated trojan called AnarchyGrabber, resulting in theft of passwords and user tokens. The trojan is spread by threat actors, entities that are responsible for breaches in company and personal security, who distribute it on Discord claiming that it is a game hacking […]

Rain 5G Network, not all that it is cracked up to be

Popular mobile network ISP, Rain, has recently launched its first 5G network package in select areas of Gauteng. Many of their customers jumped at the chance to get download speeds of over 200Mbps on the Rain Unlimited Home Premium package only to be disappointed with either no internet connection at all or speeds lower than […]

Windows Update Using All of Your Data?

The Problem Most if not all of us are familiar with the pain that comes with Windows 10 updates. Whenever Windows does run an update, be it a small update ranging from 200MB to 500MB or a feature update that can range from 2-3GB, Windows 10 will use all available bandwidth by default. The Fix: […]

Why Tech Support is crucial to the overall user experience

Why Tech Support is crucial to the overall user experience The importance of tech support for your home-based or business computers can never be over-emphasised. Without trained tech support specialists at your side, your business is left vulnerable to cyber-attack and other issues. Tech support will help defend your IT infrastructure against digital threats, which is […]

How to pick the best accessories for your gaming PC

How to pick the best accessories for your gaming PC You have two choices when selecting the best accessories to optimise your gaming experience – the easy way and the hard way. The hard way is to go it alone. The easy way is to obtain professional advice. These are the components that are crucial to […]

Are you spending too much on your gaming PC?

Are you spending too much on your gaming PC? Is there such a thing as spending too much on a gaming PC? The answer to that question is two-fold: The depth of your addiction to playing games and How far, financially, are you willing to go to feed your habit So how much is too […]

Choose the right technology for your business

How to choose the right technology for your small business or start-up Technology can transform a small business or start-up into a recipe for sure-fire success. However, there are several key factors to take into consideration. Analysis of Business Needs Ascertain the current technology of the business – the good, the bad, and the room […]